Stranger Things Suspense Analysis

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Stranger Things
Suspense is when the author or filmmaker withholds information from the audience so they become more engaged in the story. People enjoy suspense because it draws them in and keeps them interested. The lack of knowledge keeps them interested because they want to find out what will happen next. Movies with suspense in it tend to do better because viewers are on the edge of their seats waiting to see what will happen next. The show Stranger Things is an excellent example of how to create suspense. Stranger Things is a show on Netflix created by the Duffer Brothers, where a boy named Will Byers is kidnapped by an unknown monster and his three friends go and try to find him. It is suspenseful because viewers are hooked by the
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This helps keep the reader hooked because they are engaged in the storyline. In the beginning of the show, Stranger Things, we are introduce to four of the main characters: Will, Dustin, Mike, and Lucas. The boys are introduced as fun-loving carefree characters. They are playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons, when suddenly, the demogorgon attacks. Will rolls the die and must roll higher than 13 in order to defeat it. The dice go everywhere and Will discovers he rolled a total of seven,which wasn’t high enough. Dustin and Lucas leave for home and Will tells Mike, “The roll, it was a seven, the demogorgon got me.” Soon after the demogorgon gets him in the game, it gets him in real life. As Will biked home, his bike light starts to flicker, and finally goes out. He looks up, sees a mysterious figure in the street and crashes his bike into the woods. He runs into his house and tries to call someone for help, but the monster is heard through the telephone line. He races to the shed and grabs a .22. He hears a noise behind him. It’s the demogorgon. Before it takes him, the lights flicker one more time and then Will is gone. In this scene, two signs of foreshadowing are shown.
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