Stranger Within Analysis

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Is the ability of creating art something we were born with or something we learned? Everybody actually or potentially has the ability to create art. However, in order to get some achievements in the professional area, people need to study specific skills and knowledge. It is also important to learn from the previous work. It is so helpful for establishing one’s own style by learning from the old paradigms because they contain essential characteristics of that period of time. The drawing named Stranger Within by Edward Supranowicz is an artwork that contains the medieval style. It locates in the art gallery which is on the second floor of Baker University Center. First of all, it is a pencil drawing which more than a half space is covered by black. It fits…show more content…
Despite the illusion of religion, the abstract human face is absolutely the idea of human spirituality. In the medieval paradigm, people paid much attention on religions and humans’ spirituality. At that time, it does not matter what people think of themselves, but more importantly of what does the god think of. The two exactly same faces represent the idea of the empty inside human mind. If one of the faces represents human-self, what will be the other side? Of course it will be the spiritual inside of that person. They do not think about their own value at all. That is why their inside is the same as how they appeal outside, numb depressed. And that is why it is called the Stranger Within. People have never explored their own inside value, and sure it is strange for them. Another characteristic that medieval paradigm applied to painting is the emphasis on god and spiritual. Sometimes, it even made the artwork less realistic due to the emphasis on god and contrast on people. For the Stranger Within, the faces occupy most of the drawing, which emphasize the human and spirituality and ignore the
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