Strangers In The Dumpster: A Short Story

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Please Come Home For Christmas

Well. Working on Christmas Eve sucked. Not that Gilbert would have wanted to spend the night at the everlasting and traditionnal family dinner (family meaning obscure relatives he had never heard of or forgotten about in the past year). He was a cop. And as awesome as his superhero-like daily life could feel, it still sucked when it ruined amazing plans he had made with his boyfriend for the day.
Instead of romantic dinner with candles, Champagne and cuddles -none of them was cheesy, but, you know... Christmas and all- he had lost count of drunk people he cought driving. The night was freezing cold and he was so tired... Gilbert craved for his bed. Warm and cozy bed...
“It 's over, dude. We did it!” Antonio
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As for Roderich, Gilbert didn 't have a clue. What was his boyfriend doing? When he had left, the Austrian still didn 't know if he 'd go to the party his best friend was throwing. Gilbert secretly hoped he didn 't, as selfish as it was. He didn 't feel like going home to find the place empty and cold because Roderich was having fun somewhere else.
“Thanks. I 'll see you in a few days, then.”
“Bye, Gil! Drive safely!”
“Of course.” oOo It was almost three in the morning when he made it home. Gilbert felt his heart jump when he saw the light was still on in the living room. Maybe Roderich had just forgotten to shut it down when leaving... Or maybe Roderich was waiting for him, not minding the late hour.
He took off his jacket, scarf, gloves and shoes and entered the living room. He smiled at the view... Roderich had waited for him indeed, but fell asleep on the couch in the process. His head rested on his shoulder and his glasses were almost falling off his nose. He was wrapped in a blanket, an empty cup of tea was abandonned on the table and a book rested on his lap, still open. A few candles were burning all over the room while a bottle of Champagne awaited in a bucket of ice.
He took a few steps in the room and the Austrian awoke.
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