Strangeworth's Letter Continuation

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Continuation of the Possibility of Evil Miss Strangeworth was overwhelmed with emotion. She scurried over to the window in complete and utter panic. She gasped at the sight of her naked garden. Who could have possibly done such a vile thing? still while still being in shock trying to take everything in, Miss Strangeworth tried to calm herself down and sat down at her kitchen table. She was doing her best to recall who was around her at the time she had supposedly slipped all her letters into the mailbox slot. When suddenly it came to her. The irregularity in what she thought had been a well-thought-out plan.; Dave and Linda. These two had been lingering near the mailbox while she had been submitting her truthful letters. They must of recognized me and my unique silhouette despite the darkness. Afterall, I am the only Strangeworth left in town.…show more content…
Miss Strangeworth was a strong believer in that to get rid of the evil that lurked in her beloved town, the townspeople would need to face a little evil of their own. The letter would have been sufficient, but considering it probably landed in Don Crane’s hands last, her message would not have been received in a positive eye-opening way. This terrible mishap had been a result of her own sloppiness. If only I had waited until the next day! Strangeworth decided it was time to stop looking back on her mistake. It was time for her to take action! Miss Strangeworth who was used to going to sleep at her early bedtime of 7:30 p.m. worked relentlessly through the night as she devised her
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