Strategic Advantages Of The Four Strategic Alternatives For Padini

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Strategic Alternatives
There are four strategic alternatives that Padini can choose to obtain their global efficiencies, multinational flexibility, and worldwide learning. The four strategic alternatives include home replication, multi-domestic, global, and transnational.

Home Replication Strategy
Home replication strategy is companies will use same production scales, distribution and brand power when develop their companies in foreign markets. In addition, companies will implement the innovations in foreign market when the products are finish differentiates in home country and they would not customize or modify the products they produce because it may affect the uniqueness or distinctiveness of the products. Besides that, companies who choose this strategy will think that international business is a part from, and subordinate to domestic business and companies should know some knowledge about the foreign operations.
There are few benefits when the companies choose to use home replication strategy. Firstly, this strategy is low cost and easy to implement in foreign markets. This strategy is low cost because companies can save some production cost as they have centralized their production and research and development. They no need specially do some research and development to produce new products to meet the host countries customers’ needs because they will bring the same products or products they have differentiated to foreign markets. The second advantage that the

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