Strategic Analysis Of Tesco's Recruitment And Selection Strategy

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Tesco is a transnational general merchandise retailer centrally located in the United Kingdom with external retail operations in twelve other countries. Aside from being the largest private sector employer in the UK, In recent times, the organization is gaining global recognition as it engages over three hundred and sixty thousand employees in its retail network worldwide. This essay presents a breakdown and an analysis of Tesco’s structured approach to recruitment and selection in relation to the organization’s strategic objectives. In order for a business entity such as Tesco to achieve its aims, it must successfully integrate its business strategy with feasible and obtainable human resource planning goals (Anthony et al, 2012). This essay therefore further evaluates how well Tesco’s recruitment and selection process fits in with their local and international strategic objectives. Strategic objectives refer to the long-term business plans of an organization. Having established itself as a market leader in the UK over the past decades, in recent times the organization’s focus has been on diversifying thus becoming more global. This desire for international expansion undoubtly has many implications for the business with regards to its resourcing plan and its way of doing things. One of such implications would be the need for more socio-cultural flexibility in their areas of geographical expansion. One must not overlook the fact that Tesco has already exhibited this

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