Zara's Marketing Strategy

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Analysis of Zara’s Marketing Plan and Strategy

4. Marketing plan

Zara is a retailing cycle with various stores set worldwide. Its web marketing strategy is based mostly more on expansion in lieu of advertising and traditional strategies of promotion. This report will offer a shorter outline and a critical appraisal of Zara 's marketing plan particularly with regards to its environment. The report can even identify and additionally evaluate the simplest way technology and also the new mass media could impact on Zara 's future marketing designs. The sustainability of Zara 's web marketing strategy and how it will affect their reputation down the road will at the same time be checked out. Zara has begun
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Internet marketing and advertising catalogues, television set, radio can be utilized for that marketing function of products. Fashion shows may even help to your publicity function of the merchandise.

Marketing Objectives

Increase customer equity
Increase purchase frequency among "plus size" customers
Continue to grow by extending the Zara fashion brand
Increase brand awareness and favorable attitudes among consumers

Zara 's main corporate objectives are growth through store expansion in large highly populated cities and maintaining a competitive advantage through the constant release of a variety of new fashions regularly. The marketing objectives to increase brand awareness and extend the Zara fashion brand will contribute hugely towards achieving the overall objectives particularly the store expansion.

2.6 ZARA’S Brands success and SWOT analysis:
Inditex Annual reports:
Sales Distribution-Zara’s sales distribution was 65%, Bershka 10%,Pull &Bear 7%, Stradivarius 6%,Massimo Dutti 7% and Oysho 2%. Active use of stores:
1.Change the store layout in Every 2 weeks

2.Located in the very Center of the City.

3.Using the store to
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of 2012 with global amount and presented a positive trend around sales from +17% as compared with 2011. Our predicted share upon online sales was at the initial half 12 months of 2011 around. 5% in addition to rose with the first one half year from 2012 to be able to approx. 6%.

Inditex Sales (million Euros) 1H 2012 1H 2011 % Change 12/11
(Press release) 7239 6209 +17%
Online sales
(Estimated) 432 310 +40%
Table 1: Inditex’s Press release 19.09.2012

Within consideration involving Zara’s proportional business share involving approx. 65% at Inditex sales good financial report 2011, we considered it in this objective. With the online revenue calculation for the second thing 2012 people estimated 6% of sales and often will extrapolate around 7% sales by the end associated with 2013.

In attention of Zara’s fresh launched online store in China to the 5th of September 2012 (Inditex press release 2012) efficient estimating a significant increase inside online gross sales. The level of ambition shall be defined inside EUR 840m with the end of 2013.

Zara Sales Target (million euros) 2H 2012 2H 2013 %change 13/12
Zara’s total Sales by approximately. 65% of Inditex Sales 10000 11500 +15%
Online Sales
(Estimated) 600 840 +40%
Table 2: Financial

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