Strategic Bombing In Ww2 Essay

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The strategic bombing’s significance during the Second World War had a greater impact on Germany towards the end of the war as oppose to the start of the war since the Allies had technologically advanced. This enabled the Allies to inflict greater damage on Germany due to higher accuracy and increase in production of bombs. At the start of WW2, September 1939, it was clear that the Allies bombing campaign wasn’t prepared well. Bomber Command only had 488 light-bombers and only a few bombs bigger than 250 pounds. As a result, the bombs were too small to even make minimal damage on the Germans and the Allies had experienced rising losses. In addition the lack of sophisticated technology was further hindered in May 1942 when Judge John Singleton…show more content…
Aluminium foil was used as a ploy to confuse German defences to allow the Allies to identify and hit their targets. This was first used in Hamburg on the 24th-25th of July 1943. 791 bombers were ordered to drop ‘Window’ and as a result it threw the Germans into turmoil. This allowed the Allies on the following days after to devastate the Germans as they returned with increased forces. One million were homeless and 75% of the city was destroyed. However, arguably the greatest advancement was the development of the long-range escort fighters due to its long-term effect it had on the war as the Allies were able to use it multiple times unlike ‘Window’. It was able to provide sufficient protection for the bombers as it diverted German fighters and acted as a convoy too allow Allied fighter planes to gradually chip away at Luftwaffe pilots, planes and resources. This meant that the Allies had not only been more efficient in bombing Germany but the death rate was also much lower and it ultimately led to the destruction of the Luftwaffe. In conclusion, the technological advancement’s significance was less at the start as the Allies were ill-prepared but towards the end of the war, the significance it had was much greater due to the rapid advancement despite it not achieving its initial
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