Strategic Communication Audit Assignment

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Answer 1.

Effective communication is key to success in any organization and business and with the use of technology it has been made more possible and pragmatic.

Technology moderates communication costs, improve the speed of information exchange, allows communication in various forms like email/messaging/phone/video call and also promotes the sharing of ideas and causes security concerns. It has also significantly affected communication processes include mobile phones, Web and social networking (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/WhatsApp etc). Through technology, crucial messages can be communicated with ease, regardless where the communicating parties are located. Technology has caused the spread of information to be flexible and varied, which
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Hence, The purpose of a communications audit is basically to explore the strengths and weaknesses between management, typically, and employees, customers and other groups such as investors, the news media with the objective to improve future communications by developing a strategic plan, through a series of endorsements, and to determine where gaps exists which need to be bridged.

On the other hand, Communication audit is a valuable way to assess the communication state and to facilitate a strategy for enhancement to be originated. Formerly, a strategic communication audit will identify precise aspects which need attention.

A strategic communication audit is a methodical formal/and informal review of a company’s communication practices. It provides a snapshot of everything i.e. what is working good/what is not/how we can improvise it. An audit of this kind doesn’t essentially scrutinize the minute communication in detail rather it is used to review the communication which is positioned within the company wherein the strategic level at which it runs and also its capacity to lead to better productivity and efficiency.

The main objective to strategize and conduct various activities and programs are to achieve brand recognition, modify perceptions, maximize sales, encourage community support or establish
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Conducting a communication audit demonstrates management a strategical plan
2. It helps build support for communication with the HR or Organization change initiative
3. It provides valuable data for developing and restructuring the communication function.
4. It also exhibits commitment to improving communication throughout the organization
5. It demonstrates willingness to listen and to respond to employees views – which is most important in building positive relationship, creating trustworthiness and nurturing mutual belief
6. An audit will find out what major fragment of employees/stake holders think about the org’s communication and initiatives
7. An audit can save the money and effort as it will help to minimize or eliminate the programs that do no return benefits and strengthen those that do
8. Valuable data can be revealed about barriers, bottlenecks or misunderstandings.
Hence, Effectively designed and implemented Communication Audit can be a driver for culture change where you engage everyone in building a new work culture of open communication, reliability and collaboration

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