Strategic Family Therapy Intervention Summary

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This review explains how to treat an anorexia nervosa patient and how to help clients to find solutions to the symptoms that occur during this strategic family therapy intervention. The results from the strategic family therapy have proven to be successful with a lifelong experience. It was once stated (Murray2013) that limited evidence on strategic family therapy perspective on adult eating disorders have become known. Anorexia nervosa is a disorder that affects a client psychological state of mind and not only does this disorder affect the individual, but also the people that surround them. Therefore, this condition is very challenging to solve it might take more time than normally to solve symptoms for the duration of the strategic family therapy…show more content…
The therapist asked the client to try the approach with him and his wife working together on eating food with wife approval, but wife realize that he wanted to eat all the time then it created a problem in the relationship. Once that approached failed the therapist as the client to try a different approach with the kids on helping him overcome the fears of food, and transition the client into a role model of food intake with his children. After a few weeks the husband continues to serve the kids dinner, he begins to be more relaxed with the sight of food. He handles the fear of food with ease the more he came in contact with it during dinner with the kids. Once the therapist saw the husband was progressing with food the next intervention was to improve the relationship with wife by trying to talk about daily encounters with how the kids enjoyed their supper. As days went by the husband and wife relationship improved in the communication area. As the client express happiness in his life the pound the client was suffering from increased by the month and he maintained a healthy

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