Talent Acquisition And Employee Recruitment Process

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. Introduction In today’s modern world, they are different ways in which HRM within an organization operates but then they focus their attention on three main areas of management which are; staffing, employee compensation and defining or designing work. The target of every HRM departments in any organization will be to optimize the effectiveness of its employee in order to maximize productivity and increase profit. Strategic Human resource management is a plan that facilitates the way an organization is being ran.

Question 1
TAG alleged that Talent Acquisition is a very strict and demanding recruitment process and the objective of this recruitment or selection process of skilled and talented employees to align this recruiting process
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TAG guiding principles are key to the way the business operates: First, winning together: - achieving collective and individual success and that by focusing on the empowerment of its employees and caring about their continuous development The plan of TAG involves focus on the recruitment of the best people: - Developing talented colleagues to reach their full potential, to ensure TAG retains a leading position in the global financial services industry.
TAG cared to recruit the talented skilled employees at the level of the organization and at the level of the tasks and posts in key activities where all employees are considered to be not only employees but empowered committed employees and can take decisions to serve the alignment of the Talented Acquisition targets to serve the increase of the profitability and save traditional costs of recruitment and training.
TAG selected employees on the basis on attitude rather than experience as per the requirements of the company, the new recruits shall be qualified with the skills needed by TAG and that by applying tests related to work tasks. Selective hiring (i.e. the use of sophisticated techniques to ensure selection of the 'right' people) is frequently included in the 'bundles' of best HR practice of
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For this purpose, business companies and organization engage legal or other functional consultant normally known as a person whose main duty is to provide advice and guidelines to the managers of companies and organization on various issues which are essential to the good process of the business of such companies. The consultant as a professional is required to have specific approaches which mean specific competencies and shall have an expert approach, and then submits an opinion or suggestion in full cognizance and knowledge. Not only the support and services of a consultant are sought by specific companies but also by most companies who like to succeed in the market and ensure growth as well as setting the appropriate strategies to achieve the objectives and set forth by the companies and organization to achieve their objectives. Moreover,, the consultant has a specific approach , an organizing ability, a good problem solver and a planner to enable companies the implementation of their

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