Strategic Importance Of Good Governance In Sports

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QUESTION 1 What is the strategic importance of good governance in sports? Sport is one of the greatest resources that we are fortunate enough to have the ability to enjoy in modern nations throughout every party of the world. Its uniqueness links people, cultures and communities from right across the globe within one united movement. Sport retains significance culturally, economically, socially and even politically. It provides a sense of national reflective pride when success is secured and assists communities in gaining a better appreciation of their collective identities. Economically, especially in the expanding field of sport tourism and the positive financial impact of hosting major sporting events, its clear that sport represents an important aspect of many national economies throughout the developed world. Good governance in sports provides a framework and culture within which a sports body sets policy, delivers its strategic objectives, engages with stakeholders, monitors performance, evaluates and manages risk and reports to its constituents on its activities and progress including the delivery of effective, sustainable and proportionate sports policy and regulation. The pillars that sport rests upon – the ideals of fair play, fair competition and fair treatment – must continue to be resolutely protected by all those in positions of power and leadership through good sport governance. In the context in which sport takes place and the manner in which it conducts

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