Strategic Interaction In Sports

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1.1 Introduction Bidding in auctions and bargaining in the flea market are typical examples of real life situations when people communicate trying to reach their goals i.e. purchasing the desired products in the most suitable price for them. In a further extend many situations related to sports could also be representative examples where strategic interaction can be found. For instance, the use of doping by athletes and situations when athletes have to decide on whether to hit a passing shot down the line in tennis or not. The purpose of this paper is to analyze how penalty kicks in soccer could be a situation of strategic interaction in sports and how economic principles link to this example. 1.2 Theory 1.2.1 Definitions Strategic Interaction: is the term used to describe an effective communication process by which people try to achieve a common goal. When making decisions people interact with each other and therefore their decisions most of the times depends on others’ choice. (Dichou, 2012) Game Theory: is the study concerned about the strategic decision making…show more content…
So, the goalkeeper has to decide in which way he will go or in the case of the striker in which way he will shoot. As already mentioned, kickers are usually better kicking in one side so it would be normally expected that he will kick the ball on that side. However, this would mean that the goalie would always jump that side because he would expect the ball to come in this side. So kickers many times have to bluff and kick the ball in the opposite direction. According to researchers’ findings the strikers and the goalkeepers a lot of times decide their equilibrium strategies. (Leyton-Brown, 2014) In order to mislead the goalies, kickers kick to their weak side by picking the lesser option and in the same way the goalkeepers choose an equilibrium
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