Strategic Management: Adidas And Adidas

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Massive competition in the sports industry has caused sports brands like ADIDAS and NIKE to concentrate on more than just sports apparel and equipment. Such organizations need to differentiate themselves and stand out by enhancing their product attributes and brand values while creating strategies. Therefore this research reveals how NIKE and ADIDAS provide an environment for people to maximize their contribution towards the brand. This research will also give information on the two primary footwear companies along with their competitors and how they use e-commerce strategies to increase their sales and product awareness. The purpose of this report is to study strategic management by comparing the strategies of these two companies ADIDAS and NIKE from the same industry. Their strategies have been compared from the textile industry. Both these companies specialize in footwear and sports apparel, and their competition intense as NIKE is the market leader and Adidas is the market challenger. This assignment covers incidents of both companies that occurred in the past and the comparison of their current progress and achievements as well as their future plans and objectives. This report shows us the influence these strategies had on the success or failures of these two companies and how their strategies help them sustain a position in the market ADIDAS is a global producer of sports apparel and holds the lead position in the industry while NIKE is the biggest and largest seller

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