Strategic Management In The Public Sector Case Study

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1.1 Introduction
Strategic management has become dominant in the private sectors since the concept was first develop, the interest of using strategic management in the public sectors has increased over the last decade. There have been sequences of modifications taking shape in the public sector, resulting from increased awareness on the importance of strategic management in the public sector. Besides that, strategic management one of the effective management tools in strengthening organization performance through effective decision-making and systematic strategic formulation and implementation. Therefore, government departments can obtain information more quickly and accurately, be better informed and make more timely decisions. In fact, they
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It is dynamic to study on how strategic management adopted by public sectors as a tool to enhance their performance.

1.3 Research Objective

The five-core objective of this study is to observe the adaptation of strategic management practices in the public sectors in East Malaysia. In that way, the study will seek:

a) to determine factors that contribute and obstacle the smooth adoption of strategic management in the public sectors;
b) to investigate the extent to which strategic management is adopted by the public sectors, with the strategic management framework that suite its environment;
c) to see how factors such as leadership traits, organization culture and organization structure have impact in the public sectors; and
d) to highlight any other finding that are of interest and contribute towards the subject of strategic management in government agencies

1.4 Research
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1.5 Purpose of study
Findings from this research will add to the knowledge and understanding of the importance of strategic management and its application by the public sectors. This study should be substantial in the sense that it will:

a) Support the identification of the concept and framework of strategic management considering working environment in public sectors;

b) Support theory and model of strategic management in any sectors that have similarities with the public sectors;

c) Generate superior consciousness among public sectors on the significance of having a proper and practical strategic management framework; and

d) Provide beneficial knowledge on factors that might have impact and contribute to the successful adoption of strategic management in public sectors

1.6Scope of the
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