A Strategic Management Case Study

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1.0 Introduction
Strategic management is the ongoing activities and process which the organization uses to align or coordinate the organization’s action and resources with the mission, vision and strategy throughout the organization (Jurevicius, 2013).
There are three stages of strategic management which are strategy formulate, strategy implementation, and strategy evaluation. The first step of the strategic management is strategy formulate. The organization must define the vision and mission. It is very important to an organization. Vision and mission is the direction for the employees and the organization. In addition, vision is the direction which will achieve in future while mission is the direction what the organization need to do now.
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Then he built another mill by the Nokiavirta River and he named as Nokia to the mill in year 1871. Actually, Nokiavirta River was named after a dark furry animal; it is a type of marten. Based on the industrial force, Nokia merged with a rubber firm which founded by Arvid Wickstrom and a cable company which founded by Eduard Polon. Nokia was interested in telecommunication system started from year 1963. They started to develop radio phones for the army and the emergency services, former to the radio phones, televisions, radio link, data transfer equipment, analyzers and digital telephone exchange (sanoua88,…show more content…
This was happened when Jorma Ollila pointed as the CEO of Nokia Corporation. Besides, in year 1990’s, the cable, rubber, and consumer electronics divisions were sold by Nokia. After that, they focused their business towards the manufacturing of telecommunication systems and mobile phones. The strategy of Jorma Ollila was to develop a new era of telecommunication on a long-term vision. In year 1992, they were launched the first GSM handset and introduced Nokia Tune in year 1994. During the year, the first satellite was made by using Nokia GSM handset. In year 1997, the famous mobile game “Snake” was presented in Nokia 6110. In year 1998, Nokia became the leader in mobile phone industry. Because of they owned a good deal of research and development, they were launched the first mobile phone which are Nokia 7110 with WAP (sanoua88, n.d.). 2
In year 2002, they came up the first mobile phone with 3G. In year 2006, Jorma Ollila shifted to the Chairman of Nokia’s board and Olli-Pekka Kallasvou was the new CEO of Nokia. At the same time, Nokia and Siemens were announced plans for Nokia siemens network. In year 2007, they were launched the new internet services brand (sanoua88, n.d.).
There have many products of Nokia Corporation which are mini laptops, WLAN products, GPS products, Internet Tablets, services such as video gaming and others, security and so on (sanoua88,

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