Strategic Objectives And Objectives Of Nissan

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Strategic Objective – Nissan

Overall Objectives and Goals

Brand Power:
To strengthen Nissan’s brand power, we will expand our strengths in production and engineering, ownership experience marketing. We will also raise the level of interaction with our customers to create a world class standard of the service that will help us build lasting relationships with every Nissan & Infiniti vehicle customer.

Enhancing Quality:
Nissan aims to make steady progress in improving the quality of product. During Nissan Power 88, our aim is to raise Nissan among the top group of global automakers in product quality and to elevate Infiniti to the leadership status among peer luxury products by fiscal 2016.

Sales Power:
Sales power refers to fully
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Making the best use of Our Corporate Strengths & Qualities:
Some of our contributions are financial in nature, but we also aim to go beyond this by making full use of the resources built up through our business activities, such as our expertise & our facilities, to carry out sustainable activities.

Financial & Internal process Objectives

Revenue Growth:
Increasing revenue is the most basic and fundamental financial objective of any business. Revenue growth comes from an emphasis on sales and marketing activities, and is solely concerned with increasing top line earnings before expenses.

Profit Margins:
Profit objectives are a bit more sophisticated than revenue growth goals. Any money left over from sales revenue after all expenses have been pain is considered profit.

Return on Investment (ROI):
Return on Investment is a financial ratio applied to capital expenditures. ROI can be applied to two basic scenarios. First, ROI is concerned with the return generated by investments in real property and productive

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