Strategic Organizational Development Analysis

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Strategic Organizational Development


The internal characteristics of the organization make up critical sources for success (Barney 1991). More attention has been paid to find out what characteristics are important to organizational success and how they influence organizational outcomes. Internal organizational context engaged in broad and relatively stable sorts of organizational characteristics, for example structure, culture and power (Pettigrew 1979). Therefor, the internal characteristics like structure, culture and power are all determine organizational success, which means, how the organization design the strategy is the first primary to achieve their business goal. However, strategic management and organizational development
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The essay will discover and critically analysis one Middle East Airline in Dubai as a sample. Since the information related to this airline is confidential, the essay will use “ME Airline” to represent. ME Airline is established and completely owned by the government since 1985 and operates in a tax-free environment (John 2011). Because of the favorable geographical centricity by connecting the passenger flows between Asia and European hubs, this Dubai-based carrier is responsible for a larger number of passengers travelling (John 2011). ME Airline has been profitable well during the last 20 years, and it owns 235 fleets form Airbus and Boeing with employees over 65,000 until June/2016 (Safar 2016).

The essay will conduct a case study of three aspects on ME Airline, which are organizational structure, organizational culture and HR function department to reveal how strategic management influence organizational development.

ME Airline case
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According to chart 1, the high management level of ME Airline adapts multidivisional structure model; multidivisional structure is ‘a structure in which support functions are placed in self-contained divisions’ (Gareth 2013:178). Each division is independent and has its won set of support function. There are four levels of management: Chairman & Chief Executive of Airline and Group, President (divisional) oversees the activities of Airline or Group individually, five executive vice-president individually in charge of five functional departments, which are HR Department, Chief Operating Officer, Chairman’s Officer & Facilities/Projects Management, Service Department and Chief Commercial Officer and under those five executive vice-presidents, there are the five senior vice-presidents controlling relative functional or operational areas. This is the basic structure of ME Airline. However, ME Airline, a large and complex organization, has seven operation divisions, which are airline, cargo, membership, official store, EmQuest, Aviation collage and engineering. Also, the company has staff number over 61,000 locating in more than 120 cities in the world wild (annual report 2015-2016). Therefore, the essay will only study on airline related

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