Strategic Performance Objectives

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PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES To construct a very successful project for a successful restaurant, there should be a very successful strategic performance objectives. These objectives clearly simplifies the targets this project is targeting and outlines the different methods and resources to make this project a very successful one among the different other projects in the same field. In other words, these objectives will guide all the efforts towards achieving these strategic performance objectives for the project, the restaurant in this case. As it is seen all around the cities and different town, there are different restaurant that are aiming to attract the most valued customers to attend these restaurant for the purpose of achieving the a good…show more content…
These strategic performance objectives are very important for the sustainability of the success of any project (Bianca,2005). This is because strategic performance objectives are necessary for defining the nature of the performance for both the management of the project. These strategic performance objectives will assist the management to design the best practices for managing the project appropriately towards the success the management is trargeting.These strategic performance objectives help the employees of the project to realize their roles and tasks in the project and so this will help these employees to carry out their tasks fully and successfully. All in all, both the management of the project and the employees working in the project will find these strategic performance objectives very beneficial and facilitating for their tasks and duties in achieving the main objectives of the…show more content…
These steps are applicable in the case of this project of the restaurant. First step is that management should define clearly and specifically the different strategic performance objectives of the restaurant project. These performance objectives should target the satisfaction of the customers of the restaurant in line with the best interests of the restaurant project. These strategic performance objectives should be easily achieved, evaluated and performed within the limits of the available resources. Second step is to make all those involved in the project coping with the stages of development of the project. This implies that all the different management members and the employees full acknowledge their tasks and roles. Step three is related to finding and obtaining all the necessary resources and materials needed for the restaurant project. Fourth step is making sure that the management is comprehensively following up the progress of the project and it is ready to react if difficulties face that normal development and progress of the project of the restaurant. The management of the project should be able to analytically measure all the stages of the projects and the performance objectives achieved so far. This step will help to facilitate the flow of stages in the planned way for the project. Last but not least, Strategic performance objectives are very essential for the

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