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Strategy is defined as a plan or action that designed for the organization to achieve its desired long-term goals and objectives. Strategic, or strategic planning, involves in the process of creating an organization 's mission, values, goals and objectives. Deciding upon a particular action plan a company also involves in altering strategies based on observed outcomes. Strategic decision making can transform companies into large groups and industries IMPORTANCE OF STRATEGY IN STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT DECISION MAKING
Strategic management decision making process is considered as an unavoidable factor in the development and expansion of each and every organization. It helps in formulating the strategies and long term goals for achieving an organizations
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There is no brand loyalty among customers and there is high bargaining power of suppliers. When Indigo entered in market in the year 2006 there was large number of competitors in the Indian market and that time some issues occurs between indigo and spice jet become very popular in medias while both started their services at same time. Indigo attracted their customers by providing promotional schemes and by providing these schemes they not only got advantage over spice jet but also help them to attract more customers while compared to spice jet. Each and every company in the airline offering new pricing strategies to attract their customers.
Swot analysis helps to decide a company’s what all strengths and weakness and they help to plan strategies for the future growth of the companies. It helps to find out the current opportunities of the company In case of Indigo there are more strengths and opportunities more than weakness and threats but they have to concentrate in growth of the company to increase the market share.
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It is a business device which serves to grow new system of the firm. Indigo is now having a decent notoriety in the business of India. Indigo 's target is their clients who utilizes aerial shuttle for their quickest method for travel. The methodology of Indigo is that to turn into the future business sector pioneer and their point is to contend with rail routes in long run by offering quality included administrations, offers like occasion administrations and so forth. In ease benefits there ought very little separation in the fundamental administrations that gave to their clients. It can be attained to just by the included quality administrations. Indigo gave administrations to their clients like weigh in Kiosks, stair free slopes and Q-busters. These contentions just work for Indigo. They utilize market entrance and separation as their procedure by giving quality administrations easily cost. They utilize evaluating method contrasted and different aerial shuttles offering rebates and procure miles and so on. They focus on their clients in light of occasion seasons and seasons of celebration like Christmas, Deepavali and so forth. To concentrate on their potential clients they presented EMI installment alternatives. They utilize their commercial procedure through social medias, sites, magazines, supporting occasions and by utilizing dialects

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