Strategic Uses Of Information Systems Essay

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- Role Strategic Uses of Information Systems in achieving organizational objective and improving decision making: IGI global(2015) cited in https: Strategic Uses of Information Systems has important role in order to achieving organizational objectives and it is very useful for develop and improve the decision making process. Strategic Uses of Information Systems is a mix of technology and services to accelerate the performance of trade exchange and establish sophisticated way for the exchange of information inside the company and between the company and other companies and the company customers by buying and selling. Strategic Uses of Information Systems can fast the purchasing processing and help to make decisions faster…show more content…
Create a system of Strategic Uses of Information Systems . Strategic Uses of Information Systems play a good role in developing and improving the productivity of companies. Where to the system help to increase the income of companies because Strategic Uses of Information Systems help to simplifying the procedures and clarity of the work procedures. so, this has an impact on economy sector. In addition , Information systems introduction to good management development: information systems are automated systems consist of a set of components that are used for reception of data resources, and turn it into informational products to raise its efficiency and effectiveness through the provision of information and strengthen the decisions of officials. And Important information ,administrative organs are State administrative organs are the primary product of information geared to public uses, the sole producer of physical, social and economic information. information systems use all kinds of technology to run, processing, storing and transmitting information in electronic form and is known as the information technology involving computers, means of communication and networking, fax machines and other equipment. The system information run data and present it to
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