Misuse Of Alcohol Advertising Essay

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Another strategy against misuse involves regulating the marketing of alcohol particularly against children and adolescence includes. Age verification filters which prevents viewers of a certain age to access websites, 9pm watershed bans on alcohol advertising which restricts alcohol advertising before 9pm, banning advertising of alcohol in films with certificate less than 18 years as well as a ban on alcohol sports sponsorship. These intentions may very well miss the mark for example in a one study of 25 alcohol websites revealed that these sites didn’t to prevent users from re-entering a different date of birth to access the sites nor did they produce adequate age verification procedures. Barrie et al (2009). Where watershed bans are concerned, 56% of all alcohol advertisements seen by children aged 4 to 15 are…show more content…
This is would be an effective strategy if properly implemented, has reducing and controlling alcohol advertising will reduce alcohol consumption especially in young people. Alcohol advertising contributes to increase drinking among young people. (Slater et al (2006). Therefore strategies aimed at controlling advertisements that targets young people and that are appealing to young people are commendable. However the government’s cautious approach in not implementing specific bans will result in a stunted growth of the full benefits of this strategy. The strategy document states that there is a known a link between advertising and people’s alcohol consumption, particularly those under the age of 18. (Secretary of State for the Home Department,2012). It then went on to say that a ban is not a proportionate response. Here it was identified that alcohol advertising is indeed a problem however the bitter medicine of banning, which would stem this problem is being eschewed by government. This sort of reaction gives the impression that this is a

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