Strategies And Tactics: The Vietnam War

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This essay will investigate to what extent did the Strategies and Tactics used by the United States, North and South Vietnam, and the Soviet Union influence the outcome of the Vietnam war? The Vietnam War was one of the most significant war in American History. It was a war that will not be forgotten in a long time due to its surprising outcome and length of the war. One of the key roles in the war that had affected the outcome of the war were the tactics and strategies that were used by different countries. To investigate this question you will need to know about the strategies and tactics that were used by different countries. To begin this investigation you will need to understand the causes and the motives of this war. The tactics and…show more content…
The Viet Cong were the communist regime in North Vietnam that were supported by China and the Soviet Union. The South Vietnam regime were a noncommunist regime that were primarily allied by the United States. These Vietnamese communists were a military branch of the National Liberation Front. Before the Vietnam War Vietnam was struggling to get independence from Chinese and French. The country then was under the control of the Chinese and French. The Viet Minh led the fight for independence against the Chinese and French led by Ho Chi Minh. After the fight for independence the Viet Minh started to disappear and lose power prominently because of their failure to unify the South. To replace them the Viet Cong had emerged from the North which would benefit North Vietnam in their fight against South Vietnam and the United States. The Viet Cong eventually lost power and disappeared as well after the war when both the South and North unified. The United States had joined the fight because of the Containment Policy, Domino effect theory, and the attacks against the US by North Vietnam. The United States believed that it was their responsibility to contain Communism. They wanted to stop the spread of communism across the world. They saw that Vietnam as the start of the spread of Communism so it contributed as one of the reasons of going to war. The Domino theory was a theory that if one country in a region falls to Communism that the surrounding countries would fall to communism as well. The U.S. also saw the Domino Theory in Vietnam. They believed that if Vietnam fell to communism so would the surrounding countries like Cambodia and Laos would as well. The third reason was the North Vietnamese attack on an American ship also known as the Gulf of Tonkin incident. This incident was very influential in the US
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