Strategies In A Hostage Crisis Negotiation

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Introduction The hostage scenario is the result of mistrust between Bradley and his wife. Bradley is convinced that his wife is having an affair behind his back with her professor. As a soldier, the only logic confrontation advances towards them was to hold them at gunpoint and make them confess to his suspicions. Bradley stormed into the classroom where both the professor and his wife were along with nine other students. Bradley decided to hold them against their will in side the classroom. Once the institution figured out what was occurring they notified the police and the negotiation and tactical team were notified and responded to the scene. I made contact with Bradley to negotiate the release of the people inside. Getting Bradley to reconsider his actions is not going to be an easy task; I will have to be careful in my choice of words. At first Bradley is reluctant to talk with me but in time I get him to open up he even decides to make some demands. This is the most crucial level in a hostage negotiation, as it determines whether the negotiations well fail or succeed. This paper will illustrate some of the most suitable crisis negotiation strategies to employ giving emphasis on trust, rationale and reassurance. General…show more content…
It will be required to explain to the teams that any plans must be understood, agreed to and followed perfectly (McMains and Mullins, 2013). I will have to ensure that Bradley carefully understands how he will gain by doing exactly what the tactical team asks him to do, ensuring he repeats what I’m telling him, not as to demean him but to facilitate trust and reassurance. Also, this sets a calm pace for the team to avoid any unnecessary verbal or physical roughness during the

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