Strategies Learned In College Students

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Based on my learning and experiences in the CPD 150 class, I believe that most of the strategies that were taught in this class are very helpful in order to be a successful college student. However, a few of the factors that I think are very important and contribute a lot to college and life success are, victim and creator mindsets, self-motivation, self-management, and believing in yourself. In the beginning, some of these strategies were challenges for me. At this point, I have tried to work on myself and am continuing to work on areas that need improvement. In fact, I feel that there has been a lot of improvements in my weak areas since the beginning of the semester. One can not possibly be successful if always using the wrong mindset. One’s mindset plays a very big role in being successful. Mindset is what one believes and their attitude towards something. There are two types of mindsets that On Course mentions, the creator mindset and the victim mindset. The victim mindset keeps people from making wise choices that will help them achieve their goals. However, people with a creator 's mindset realize that they have a few different options and they are able to make wise choices that will lead them to achieving their goals in the future and living the life that they want. After learning about victim and creator mindsets, I have decided that I want to be someone with a creator 's mindset. So, I began working on myself. When I am struggling in something, instead of

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