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HOW TO GET RID OF STRAWBERRY LEGS It is certainly not an exaggeration to say that we girls like our skin keep clean and smooth. To be able to flaunt our skin unabashedly, without a hint of hesitation or embarrassment is definitely our most cherished dream. Obviously, you would not want to limit your choice of your wardrobe based on your limited comfort level with your own skin. However, the sad part of the story is that no matter how hard you try to keep your skin away from any spot or scar, there is kind of unpleasant spots that emerge from nowhere and you find yourself helpless about it. One such eternally perplexing woe that most of us go through is having strawberry legs. It makes it embarrassing for us to flaunt our short dresses…show more content…
So, exclusively for you, following are given some of the most convenient and safe methods to bid ‘strawberry legs’ goodbye:- 1. EXFOLIATION METHOD FOR THE SKIN PORES:- You can make a natural scrub at home by blending together about 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, a spoonful of aloe-Vera gel and a teaspoon of lemon juice. After having blended the mixture to gain a consistently thick mixture, apply it on the affected area of the legs with the help of a small towel or any cloth of a manageable length. After having rubbed the towel over your legs for a considerable time, wash your legs off, first with warm water and later with comparatively cool water. In order to give your legs a smooth and healing effect after this procedure, massage your legs gently with any moisturizer. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the aloe vera and the skin-lightening properties of the lemon, you will see that this method actually works wonders for treating the condition of strawberry legs. 2. OLIVE OIL The miraculous effects of the aromatic olive oil in the rejuvenating process are universally known. For treating ‘strawberry legs’ with this wonderful oil, you simply need to go through two…show more content…
Leave it there for about 15 minutes. Regular application of this mixture will considerably reduce the effects of the strawberry legs. 3. BAKING SODA AND WATER MIXTURE Baking soda is another wonderful item from your kitchen that can prove very helpful in assisting you to get rid of the dark spots on your legs. Simply, mix baking soda with a little amount of warm water. After the mixture is prepared, massage your legs with the same for about 20 minutes and wash off your legs. 4. THE COMPOSITION OF BUTTERMILK AND SALT As you did in the other methods explicate above, you need to simply mix both these components, i.e buttermilk and salt in a balanced ration to make a thick paste. Applying it over the affected area on your strawberry legs on a weekly basis will yield you promising results. Besides the methods already enlisted, there are other multiple alternatives as well, available right there in your kitchen that would help you heal your ‘strawberry legs’ without much fuss. We list below other such items. :- • Cucumber juice • Tea-tree Oil • Egg white • Coconut Oil • Mustard

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