Strawberry Stereotypes

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There is one delicious article on The Globe and Mail published yesterday. It is about desserts with lots of strawberries on them and placed in the front of food and wine section with eye-catching photography. The writer of this article certainly wants readers to notice and read immediately when readers grab a newspaper at the very first time. First, as we can see, this article’s headline is located at the upper left in the photo. And the writer chose “sweet nothings” as her headline. This word means the act of whispering into ear of a loved person. When readers see this headline at the first time, it can easily catch the eyes of readers because it sounds very romantic. We can guess the writer is probably a enthusiast of a strawberry. Second,…show more content…
Looking closer below of the picture, she used foreign languages such as panna cotta and ganche. Do you know what panna catta and ganche mean? These are ltalian and French words, and panna is cream and ganache is chocolate cream. So why did she use these words instead of English words? she wanted to look like an expert, because she wants to be credible to readers and these words are little bit sounds fancy rather than English. Fourth, to review the overall story, the writer is a strawberry lover, referring to it is little beauty, little ruby and perfect. Also the writer had a strong opinion about in enjoying strawberries, which was having them fresh. She said "It is almost a crime to smother berries at the peak of perfection with heavy sauces." But it is only for summer strawberries, one thing we want to clarify right here is the writer hates winter strawberry. Finally, we should talk about this writer. Whole information was introduced by only one person, ms Stephanie eddy. She did not include another person 's view or comments, just wrote it herself. She created lot of bias by using positive terms, so it is very subjective and personal. Besides, there was no information about her at all. We do not know who she is, what she does, we are not sure if we can trust her or not. Therefore it is important that we need to have critical thinking whenever we read stories newspaper provides
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