Stray Dogs Persuasive Essay

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In my community, there is a real big problem with the amount of stray dogs on the streets and city animal shelters are so full that there is little they can do to help. There isn’t much funding from the government for animal shelters in Puerto Rico, which makes it a little harder to clean up the streets. And not only is it dangerous to have a large amount of stray dogs in your area, but also could be harmful to the health of the people. The kill rate for the animal shelters in Puerto Rico are at 97%, which are ridiculously high but still does nothing to solve the issue. My goal is to help my community by providing the alternatives to solving the matter of the amount of stray dogs while also lowering the kill rate for those dogs that have not been properly treated or adopted. A big part of the problem lies with the lack of government funds for the animal shelters in Puerto Rico. The government only provides $1.5 million in seed funding to create animal services for all 78 municipalities. All the while these animal shelters are filled to capacity, which means the death rate goes up for these “rescued” dogs so only a handful more can be picked up off the streets. There are about two hundred thousand dogs roaming the streets and neighborhoods along the island. In Puerto Rico, there are at least 500 dogs euthanized each day, while in the United States there are 1.2 million dogs each year. That comes out to a ghastly 97% kill rate for the dogs that are rescued but don’t

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