Streaking Lab Report

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Initial Streaking of Unknown in First lab Period
The first lab period of this experiment an unknown was assigned. The unknown that corresponds to this lab report is unknown #19. The unknown was cultured during the first lab experiment using TSA, blood agar, MacConkey as the media. The plates were cultured using the streak plate technique. To begin, the materials were gathered, those materials were the plates that were going to be streaked were (MAC,TSA,blood agar), the loop that is going to be used during the streaking procedure, the mixed culture that contain the unknown. This experiment was conducted in the presence of a Bunsen burner that emits an open flame. To begin flame the loop by placing it within the open flame for 10-20 seconds,
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After the loop cooled down, the loop was usedd to obtain a sample of the unknown mixture. This done by inserting the loop in the test tube of the unknown mixture. The loop was now ready to begin streaking; the plate was divided into four quadrants. Streaking was initiated into the first quadrant using a side-to-side swipe method. After streaking into the first quadrant, place the loop through the flame for 3-5second in order to reduce the amount of bacteria…show more content…
The organism that was successfully cultured from the first lab was use to streak into other plates. Samples from the previously cultured MAC and blood agar were streaked on two different sides of an EMB, SS, and MSA plate. Samples of bacteria were also used to inoculate Citrate and TSI media. The inoculation of TSI and Citrate media were as follows: The materials were gathered, which include the previously cultured media, an inoculation needle and the Citrate and TSI medium. This procedure occurred in the presence a Bunsen burner. The inoculation needle were placed within the open flame 15-20 second in order to sterilize the needle and prevent contamination. The needle was allowed to cool 5-10 second before inoculation. Using aseptic transfer technique the needle was used to gather up some of the colonies on the plate, making sure not to touch anything else with the needle. The test tube was uncapped and the lips of the test tube was passed through the open flame three times. The needle was inserted in the test tube, making sure not to touch the side of the test tube. Inoculate the media by going through the agar, as the needle is pulled out; drag the needle across the top of the agar. This technique was applied to both the TSI and Citrate
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