Street Art Analysis: We Are Still Here

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We Are Still Here When people think of street art they generally visualize a juvenile delinquent defacing someone’s property, only to be rebellious. They cannot imagine that street art represents something bigger than just rebellion; that it even changes the way some individuals view their world. Street art is made to symbolize extreme sentiments that the artist feels, even if others do not understand. So is the beauty of street art, it is extremely intimate. As for the other point, they cannot imagine that street art can be made by individuals other than delinquents. They deny the fact that there have been cultured street artists such as Banksey, Jenny Holzer, and Shepard Fairey, some of which even have degrees from high art institutions.…show more content…
He says, “When people feel uncomfortable talking about where they stand on things or feel their actions don 't make a difference, it 's much easier for the powerful to homogenize and control society” (qtd. in D’Ambrosio). One being ashamed of what they feel is no excuse to ignore injustice. That is why the Native Americans have been disrespected for so long. Individuals are ashamed of allowing these people to live without something that everyone deserves: respect. If the Native Americans had the respect they deserved, then the government would have never robbed them of their land, lives, and freedom. Because of this lack of respect, Native Americans are being increasingly ignored and even completely forgotten. Shepard Fairey’s “We Are Still Here” piece that he painted in Indian Alley LA is seemingly simple in appearance and thought. That assumption could not be more incorrect. This piece uses extremely complex methods of multi-layered stencils and fading to give it its unique look. When analyzed closely, one can recognize the minute details that come together to make this piece beautiful to the eye. However, it takes an open mind to grasp what makes this piece the quintessence of beauty to the
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