Street Art And Graffiti Analysis

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Street art and Graffiti serve as a platform for artists across the world to express themselves, utilizing it to transmit personal visions, values, and opinions. For years people around the world have decorated public spaces illegally with their art work. One particular hot spot of such art is the vibrant Mediterranean city of Barcelona. Artist from around the world travel to Barcelona in hopes of exhibiting their distinct style of art work while portraying their views. In the following years after Franco’s dictatorship there was a cultural boom in Spain’s art forms of graffiti and street art. In recent years city council for Barcelona has attempted to eliminate the art form through the usage of new laws. Even with the tighter laws being implemented…show more content…
After Franco, Spain was enveloped with the task of transitioning from a Dictatorship to a Democracy. While the transition was occurring the building blocks of Barcelona’s street art culture were being laid. This was firstly due to the fact that it wasn’t illegal for artist to create their works in and on public spaces. Secondly many people held opinions to the current and past political situations which they attempted to portray through their artwork. Barcelona has and still serves as an open canvas to many well-known street artist. One of the early pioneers in Barcelona during the 1980’s was Trepax and his group of artist who were known for their stencil art. And in the 1990’s the group known as TSK became influential among the graffiti writing community. Today graffiti and street art are used to convey additional messages including, music, sports, or even creative marketing. In recent years street artists in Barcelona have come across adversity and new obstacles put in the way of their…show more content…
Barcelona in the past was a city that posed few obstacles to street artists and graffiti right who wished to display their work. This openness to creativity has resulted in Barcelona being a city that has hosted an artistic evolution. And with years of artistic progression a momentum has been created that negates any restrictions the city of Barcelona puts forth. The city council declares harshly that street art and graffiti as dirty and ugly. This is only the case if the artist does not do their work properly. If done write graffiti and street art serve as an effective medium for Barcelona’s artists to display their

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