Street Children In Egypt

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Street children's perception in Egypt People have different ways of thinking . They have different opinions about the same thing and it depends on their education and their culture . perception is defined as the process by which we acquire information about the world around us , using our five senses . This paper will answer the question what is the importance of perception as a source of knowledge . the purpose of this paper is to show the importance of perception through the case study of street children. This paper will argue that the perception of the society on street children reflects on their perception about themselves. This paper will…show more content…
the second part will discuss the perception of the society about street children . the last part will discuss the reflection of the society's perception about street children . There are many things that have an effect on people's perception of everything in their daily lives . They are affected by the culture of the society and the family traditions . for example people's thoughts are affected by the culture they perceive the thing in the way the culture of the society perceive . In Egypt , a group of people are perceiving that the Hijab is a way to show religion and others when they see hijab they perceive that those women are terrorists . (culture, n.d) . also the perception of the people is affected by the family tradition . as the family is deciding the future of the child . it can make him a successful person or change him to a street child( United Nations report, governments reaffirm critical importance of family to…show more content…
people always perceive them as guilty , they are a burden on society and they do not have the right to live among them or to have the rights that each child need , such as , health insurance , education and safe home . also some people demand to put them in jails as they perceive them as criminals (Nath , n.d) . according to UNICEF report (2004), children who moved to the city from the countryside to find a work , are exploited by some people to steal instead of working in collecting rubbish , cleaning cars in parks , begging and cleaning shoes . in addition they exploited them in sexual commerce particularly in the big cities like, Cairo and Alex. people perceive they are instrument and they are not human like them that’s why they exploit them . .in 2006 it was reported that those children are chased and hit by the people every day because they perceive they are dangerous for the society (street children worst hit by violence , 2006) this example showed that the perception of society in something is very important as when people perceive street children as criminals , and the government do not care about them , they became a problem for the society and they started to have physiological problems because

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