Street Children Research Paper

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One of the most conspicuous symbols of poverty is the growing number of children in the streets: children making a living by scavenging, hawking and soliciting while their peers are in school. They constitute the category of humanity which has been a feature of urban life all over the developing world. According to Alianza (2000), an estimated 10 million children live and work in the streets of the developing world.
Most street children 75 % have some family links but spend most of their lives on the streets begging, selling trinkets, shining shoes or washing cars to supplement their families’ income. The rest 25 % live in the streets, often in groups of other children. They sleep in abandoned buildings, under bridges, in doorways or in the
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In 1989, UNICEF estimated 100 million children were growing upon urban streets around the world. 14 years later UNICEF reported: ‘The latest estimates put the numbers of these children as high as 100 million.’ In Nairobi, the number increased from 3,600 in 1989 to 40,000 in 1995 and 60,000 in 1997. By 1999, the number in Mombasa had reached 5,000; in Kisumu 4,000; in Malindi and Kilifi, 2,500each, and in Kitale and Nakuru, 2,000 each (Shorter and Onyancha, 1999). One estimate, by the consortium of street children (CSC), an international charity, suggests that the number of street children could be as high as between 250,000 and 300,000 throughout Kenya. From the above statistics, one gathers that street children can be found in all major towns in…show more content…
One thing that comes strongly is that they have a sense of intrinsic self-worth. In many cases because of the harsh experiences they undergo and the practical learning that they have obtained and more so their survival instincts having been exceptionally developed, what they are in need of is the right environment, education and primary healthcare and when they are channeled in the right direction they would become productive assets to the nation and positive contributor to the economic and social development of the society. Street children are exposed to a myriad of health hazards because of their lifestyles, malnutrition, poor health, violence, sexual abuse and substance abuse. They not only look dirty but also manifest health problems like coughs, skin rashes, cuts, ugly deep wounds, body lice, fleas and worms. (Shorter and Onyancha

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