Case Study: Labelling And Attachment Theory

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5.5 LABELLING AND ATTACHMENT THEORY The findings of the study comply with labelling and attachment theory in terms of the explanation of victimisation of street children. Once a child leaves the family home for whatever reason to live on the street, he is labeled as a street child. Children need care by adults for good health, physical growth, personality development and progress. But due to a number of reasons a huge number of children populations of the world are not being taken care of by adults. Consequently, majority of these children are compelled to live on the streets. These children they get become attached to the street life and forget about their family and friends that they grow up with. People in society generally perceive street…show more content…
Themes were created using the major topics standing out in the data. By doing so, the children who are living on the streets who were victims directly by police, family and community were explored. The victimization of street children was found to be mainly emotional, physical and psychological. These Street children, many times they have escalating to murder by police officers and community forum. They are faced will with lack security, protection and continue to face a deep-rooted negative stigma and labelling. The street children are hopeless and helpless; they had no other option concerning what do about their lives except live on the street. The majority of children felt that their lives were tough and that they had no future. Parents and community are responsible for their children’s for example food, clothing, shelter and education. Government should be responsible for street children’s food, shelter, clothing and…show more content…
Neglected by society and government, street children are deprived of education, proper nutrition, and medical care. An integrated approach is needed; the government, the church as well as members of the communities themselves, should all work together to prevent children running from home. Community networks and organizations should raise local awareness of street children’s high risk of exposure to violence from multiple sources. The best way to prevent an increase in the number of street children is therefore to concentrate Social policies should work to secure a social protection system with a wide variety of options for supporting children who have experienced multiple abuses and created a variety of coping strategies (de Benitez,2007). Such a system must have guaranteed resource levels and must incorporate children’s perceptions and experiences into planning and evaluation on the upliftment of poor

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