Street Food In Thailand

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1. Stay Healthy and Safe As Vaccines cannot fully protect the tourists from various diseases in Thailand, therefore tourists’ behaviors are very important for them to stay healthy and safe on the trip. Eat and drink safely because unclean food and water may cause diarrhea and other diseases. Thailand is famously known for their street food. However, tourists are mostly concerning on "Is street food safe to eat?" Street foods in Thailand are safe to eat and it is very cheap too. However, every tourist has different body immune levels, food consumption preferences, like or dislike on foods. So, the tourists should identify and examine the street vendors on the preparation, hygiene and safety of foods and drinks beforehand. Due to the unpredictable political situation in Thailand, the tourists are often becoming the crime victim of gangs or individuals especially in Koh Samui archipelago. Robbery, rapes and drug issues has been commonly reported particularly in Koh Samui and Pattaya. Attacks have also occurred in Thailand, in tourist districts including Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Krabi. There is also a high threat from terrorism. For example, the recent case of a bomb exploded in central Bangkok on 17 August 2015 has resulting in numerous casualties, injuries and death. Thus, the tourists who choose to travel in Thailand should be alert, cautious all the time and take care, especially at night. 2. Ways to Save Money in Thailand Live like a local. The simplest and easiest way

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