Streetcar Named Desire Play Analysis

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In this final project I am going to present costumes for the play “ Streetcar named Desire” written by Tennessee Williams in which the main character appears some imperfection but also gained a lot of admiration to the audience. The original play was set on late 1940s, New Orleans. Blanche DuBois arrives at her sister’s home, Stella in New Orleans hoping to start a new life after losing her Belle Reve mansion, her job, and her reputation in her hometown. During the play Stanley Kowalski, Blanche’s brother in law seeks to destroy Blanche’s character in New Orleans as well. His cruelty, merged with Blanche’s unstable, insecure character, leaves her mentally detached from reality by the play’s end. For my costumes design, I am not going the pending on the original form of the play. I am going bring the play back to 1920’s. My aim is to show the free spirited world for woman. In 1920’s were modernist era and the Jazz Age as women gained their freedom and independence, which demonstrated the main aim of Tennessee William. He wanted to show…show more content…
He is loyal to his friends and passionate to his wife, Stella. Stanley appears to have an animalistic physical dynamism that is evident in his love of work, of fighting, and of sex. His family is from Poland. But at the end of the play with his lacks ideals and imagination. He beats his wife, is fully evident after he rapes his sister-in-law. But at the end of the play ends with an image of Stanley as the ideal family man. In the opening scene he will be wearing a normal white, dirty shirt with big collars. Along with his grey suit pants and Black suspenders. Stanley is also wearing brown cap toe boots and a grey newsboy hat. And his hair will be flat, slicked, shiny, medium length hair. And the scene 3, the poker night of Stanley and his friends. Stanley will be wearing an old grey t-shirt with black trouser. Along with Knee-length brown boots and his old newsboy
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