Streetcar Named Desire Diary Entry Analysis

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I have chosen to write my written task 1 part 3 on the play Streetcar Named Desire written by Tennessee Williams. Towards the last scene it can be seen that Blanche the main character is sent to the mental asylum. I feel this happened because of being raped by Stanley. Thus I intend to write a diary entry from Blanche’s perspective. The main reason why I am writing this diary is to show what type of person is Blanche as soon as she joined the mental asylum. This entry was written in the asylum after she the final she which is months after that as the date is given 11th March 1948. The main reason for choosing this text type, so that I could express all the feelings that Blanche has as she is in the asylum. In this diary entry Blanche expresses her feelings a lot so that she could have a sense of happiness and keeps on speaking about Stella because she missing her a lot and wants to write to her and meet her. As in the play Blanche loves writing letters to Shep, here she loves writing the diary entry. In this diary entry I have included themes of avoiding light, fantasy, reality, bathing, alcohol, and gender roles. In this diary entry I have used some features such as nickname for example “Stella my baby and star”. As known the diary entry is personal, thus I have used formal language because Blanche used to be a teacher in Laurel and also feels that she belongs to the higher class of the society. Her Blanche is living in a standard mental asylum due to not having money
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