Streetcar Named Desire Fantasy Vs Reality Analysis

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Williams’, A Streetcar Named Desire was based on the fantasy of Blanche and the other characters. The characters in the play were concealed from their reality. The idea of Fantasy vs. Reality appeared to bring on the idea that these characters wanted to escape from their world.
This idea was mostly seen through character of Blanche, but several other characters might be observed in the play too.
Stella fell in love with a blue-collar worker namely Stanley. She was mesmerized by his officer suit and shiny medals in first look. As the play progresses Stella’s and Stanley’s relationship became worst. Stanley’s masculinity overtook Stella. In spite of several beating Stella wanted to maintain her good relationship with Stanley. Stella wanting
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Mitch became failure to marry with Blanche because his mother was sick at home whom he took care of. When Mitch met Blanche he was attracted to her beauty. It was failure of Mitch who was blinded by his fantasy of marrying a perfect woman. The images of Mitch and Blanche showed he had whisked away by her charm and then his disillusion with who she really was. When Stanley told Mitch about her past he called Stanley a liar and defended Blanche. When Mitch confirmed what Stanley said about Blanche, reality set in for Mitch. Blanche was a liar so he did not want to marry her and escaped from her fantasy and lies.
The characters that brought the idea of fantasy vs. reality and escapism was Blanche. Blanche being Stella’s sister, also came from a rich family. When Blanche’s husband died, she spent her money on their funeral and she ended up losing her home. Losing her home could be compared to a princess losing her castle and money but in this story she didn’t have a handsome prince rescue her.
Blanche was much defamed and got bad reputation in the society for sleeping with different men. She wanted to escape this bad habit so she went to visit Stella. Actually what she acted ted here everything in Laurel didn’t happen. Her fantasy began because she was an old-fashioned lady so called proper and
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