Advantages And Disadvantages Of Playing Tennis

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• Smash The smash is a difficult hit but is one of the most aggressive attacks while playing tennis is unusually that in a match you will hit it like that. The opponent gives you a ball like that when he/she tried to place the ball high and far of the court but fails and gives it to you easy, high with no power nor depth, this is where you can hit the ball in return with the aim to attack it and overhead giving the opponent no chance to respond it. You can either hit it backhand or forehand; the backhand is not as powerful as the forehand since you are hitting it backwards. The grip that you are using is the continental grip, which is the same as the serve grip (just like if you where holding the edge of an axe). The position that you need…show more content…
• The serve is a weakest shot I have since it has to do a lot with accuracy, the grip is the same as the smash, for some reason is hard for me not to change the grip, this causes the ball to go slower and hard to place it in the front square. Strength and weaknesses: ➢ Strength: I can through the ball very high thanks to my high, I can finish the shot very fast, my position is correct because of the facility I have with the smash, I reach the ball at the highest point with my arm and elbow straight. ➢ Weaknesses: My weakness is that I change the grip; this affects the results causing the shot to be slow and inaccurate. +How to improve: I can improve by marking the right grip on the grip of the racket using it as a guide, visualising more how to through the ball and bend my back leg little bit to use it as…show more content…
My serve is my weakest technique since its not consistent and very easy to hit by my opponent, I think the serve is the most important hit during a match because it will determinate the number of points played by the players, if you have a strong, disguise serve the opponent will find it hard to return, making a hit by a reaction not technique, you will have more possibilities of wining more points with a strong serve, in the other hand if you have a weak, easy to return serve the most probable thing is that the opponent will win points easily. My second priority is volley, in most of the professional games the athlete after hitting a defensive ball they go to the net in order to win the point, is a easy way to win the match because by doing this the opponent will have a hard time to place the ball out of your reach, and give you the ball easy to hit with a powerful volley or a smash if its to high. Finally my last main priority is the back hand, I have a hard time to have the proper grip, this usually makes me lose a lot of points because it weak, some of them end up hitting the net and I don’t disguise it, I usually hit a ball that goes to the left side of the court forehand by going around it but that makes me waste energy, time and leaves the right side of the court free, that’s why I think is very important for me to learn how to do this movement properly. If I manage to improve these three
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