Strength-Based Perspective Of Social Work Essay

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Strength-based perspective defined as a social work practice theory that emphasizes people 's self determination and strengths. The way I interpret the strength based perspective is to always look at the positive side that pertains to your client. For example, there 's a rhetorical expression in which your optimistic with seeing a glass half full instead of half empty that simply implies your intake on the world. The readings in class also gives me a different way of looking at the strength based perspective, one particularly made me change my whole perspective. The article was the “Weick Article,” it made me look at a different perspective when Ann Weick goes on to explain how the true meaning of social work is not just about loving people. It is about helping everyone no matter who it is and making them a better individual for themselves. On page 3, the article states ”The underlying purpose of all social work effort is to release human power in individuals for personal fulfillment and social good”. This makes people who feel like they have no power over situations and…show more content…
From the client to the social worker they both play an important part within the relationship. Without trust from both parties, they 're be a lot of animosity, while the video was playing I realized it seemed like there was trust and good communication. Being a relatable social worker you have to be able to know how to talk to people, relate and most importantly respect your clients. You do not get a choice who walks through your door, so you show the client respect like in video. That client in the video could have been a rapist or a child melestor but I would have never guessed that because the social worker was very respectful and professional. The video had a way of getting me a way to think, because being a social worker is no joke; your mentality takes a hit with trying to help

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