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Introduction A key role to being a successful manager is knowing what one’s strengths are. Throughout this paper I will be discussing my own strengths that were discovered through the help of the Strengths Finder Assessment and how they apply to management. Some strengths that I will be looking into further are my top five strengths; restorative, analytical, consistency, developer, and focus. When becoming a manager, it is very important to better understand your strengths and how you can use your strengths and talents to better your skill and role as a manager. Understanding Your Strengths Your Role as a Manager From previous experience, it can be hard to understand why your role as a manager is important and how your actions can effect…show more content…
After taking the Strengths Finder Assessment, I have found my top five strengths. These are restorative, analytical, consistency, developer, and focus. 1. Restorative: Loving for solve the problem. Being Restorative means to enjoying the challenge of analyzing something that is wrong, incomplete, or needs work. Having the quality of restorative is to enjoy the end result of taking a problem, finding a solution, and bringing it back to purpose. 2. Analytical: Looking for true facts/data. Analytical is looking at patterns and trends through the use of data to find an outcome. Being analytical used data and numbers to seek patterns and connections. 3. Consistency: treating people the same, and having clear rules and are to be applied to everyone the same. This also allows for a same and fair environment/work place. 4. Developer: Looking for the best in people. As a developer, this strength looks at people and the potential that they have. Looking to help develop and grow their success. 5. Focus: Evaluating your goals and progress. This strength helps to set goals and to consistently reevaluate…show more content…
Assignment 4 is a group assignment for this semester. Applying my skills of bring my teammates up by looking for best in them, treating them all the same, evaluating my goals along with team’s goals consistently, analyzing out work and data for outcomes, and helping to fix and problems that arise. By providing these skills to my team can become beneficial especial if my teammates have skills and strengths that I lack in. This is what creates a successful team, using everyone’s strengths. Not only will using these skills in a team setting but using them on project and assignments to achieve high quality results will be optimal. Using your natural strengths will help an individual’s ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance. My skills and strengths will help me during my assignments by using my natural way of thinking and building upon my previous knowledge to have high success. Conclusion Day in and day out there are natural strengths and skills people have. A lot of the time these skills go unused and is wasted potential. With this being said, the Strengths Finder from Gallup has allowed me to see my top five strengths and I have begun to analyze my natural talents that will be used in my future as a manager and within my own work. Using one’s skills provides an easy way for

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