Strength In What Remains

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Most people want to influence the world and make a difference in the lives of others, but how exactly can one achieve this? Not all people are born into a comfortable life, but those who are have a responsibility to assist people in more unfortunate circumstances. Fortunately, this idea of giving changed the life of an impoverished man named Deogratias. In the book Strength in What Remains by Tracy Kidder, Deo, along with the rest of his country, lived in a deprived state. Without the correct resources, people have a difficult time acquiring a worthy education, having a purposeful job, and creating a steady income. To create the transition from uncomfortable lives to successful lives, these people must become instilled with confidence, knowledge, and independence. Creating confidence in the youth of the world can create healthier lives and…show more content…
These dejected people long for an education and a fruitful life, but because of the poverty of their country, they are barely healthy enough to finish classes. The best way to start helping is supplying schools with proper teachers. Setting up organizations for graduating college students to go on mission trips to Africa and teach children will influence others to help Africa. Secondly, giving impoverished and desolate people knowledge can extend their opportunities. Getting this generation to go to college can open up more job opportunities. More job opportunities lead to steadier incomes that can entail a more comfortable life. Helping unintelligent people become educated can help the lower class to rise. In Deo’s case, college was easier to get into than most of the rest of his country. Eighty percent of Burundians live on less than one dollar a day. Since most people could not afford the first type of schooling, high school and college were a rarity to suburban villages. Giving free schooling in Burundi would create accomplished adolescents and
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