Strength, Love And Sympathy Revealed In Sarah's Key

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Sarah’s Key is a story told in the early 1940s from two different perspectives. One is from a ten year old girl who begins to live an unforgettable harsh life. The other is a middle aged mother who tries to learn more about that life and wants to understand what she was going through during that time. The title has a very touchable meaning and relates to the story in a miraculous way. Through the story, author Tatiana De Rosnay writes about how strength, love, and sympathy can help you overcome the most difficult times of your life.
In Sarah’s Key, Julia Jarmond is a journalist for Seine Scenes. She was born and raised in America, but moved to France in her adult years. She finds herself attracted to the fancy streets, the courageous men, and the overall pride of the Parisians. Married to Bertrand Tezac and with one daughter, Zoe, Julia feels that her life in Paris is picture perfect. Julia’s life begins to change when she is assigned to write about the Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup of 1942 for the 60th year
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One of the most significant is the sympathy for others and the need to help them. Many of the characters in Sarah’s Key feel they need to ammend for the past, sometimes even when they had nothing to do with it. Julia feels the need to find out everything she can about Sarah and her family; she feels sorry for “being 45-years old and not knowing.” Edouard feels the need to financially help the Dufaure’s and Sarah. He may not be ethically or morally responsible for sending money, but he feels that it may be one small way he can contribute. Because secrets are everywhere, the story lends itself to suggesting that everyone has some form of secret, even the most established first-world countries and even the most severe and committed people. Secrets can unravel families, as they did to the Tézac family, and bringing secrets to the light can also free people from their taught
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