Strength Perspective In Social Work Essay

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“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” (Napoleon Hill) As a social worker, our main goal is to use the clients’ strength to help them achieve their goals. A clients’ strength is the key to their future. The strength perspective rests on the following assumptions that despite life’s problem, all people and environments possess strengths can be marshalled to improve the quality of clients’ lives. A client’s motivation is their number one strength, discovering their strengths requires a process of cooperative exploration between clients and workers. Once you focus on their strengths, the practitioner’s attention away from the temptation to “blame the victim” and toward discovering how clients have managed to survive…show more content…
Also they should set goals, that are realistic within the context of the client’s life. They should set something that needs to be change now not later. Achieving goals require hard word and motivation. Encouraging clients to set goals, calls for changes in the client and change is difficult. Guiding the clients through their goals, protects the client’s dignity and pushes them to achieve better and bigger things. Interviewing a client requires a lot of techniques. Exploring for exceptions represents the second main interviewing activity in the solutions-focused approach. Workers should focus on the who, what, when, and where of exception times instead of the who, what, when and where of problems. The consequence is a growing awareness in both workers and client’s strength relative to their goals, rather than the client’s deficiencies relative to their problems. When clients walk in a social worker’s office, social workers main focus should be on the client’s concerns or problems. Ask questions, to find answers. To me, I think of my clients as onions. As a social worker, you need to gain your clients trust and then start breaking down the walls, to reawakening their souls. Asking questions, help the client

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