Strengthening Resilience

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Strengthening resilience is a critical recommendation for self-care. Resilience allows one to recover quickly from setbacks and reframe adverse situations as opportunities to grow. Because we are all unique individuals, we make meaning in different ways. Luther, Cicchetti, & Becker (2000) define resilience as a “dynamic process by which individuals exhibit positive behavioral adaptation when they encounter significant adversity or trauma” (Ruysschaert, 2009, p. 167). Charney (2004), Rosenbaum and Covino (2005) provided 10 critical characteristics of resilience: “optimism, altruism, having a moral compass, faith and spirituality, humor, having a role model, social supports, facing fear, and having a mission of meaning in life and training”…show more content…
As in life, the changes you experience affect you differently along the way. In travelling the river, it helps to have knowledge about it and past experiences dealing with it. Your journey should be guided by a plan, a strategy that you consider likely to work well for you. Perseverance and trust in your ability to work your way around boulders and other obstacles are important. You can gain courage and insight by successfully navigating your way through white water. Trusted companions who accompany you on the journey can be especially helpful for dealing with rapids, upstream currents, and other difficult stretches of the river. You can climb out to rest alongside the river. But to get to the end of your journey, you need to get back on the raft and continue (p. 168).

Research recommended using the visualization of taking a journey to the past in order to get in touch with one’s motivation to make certain choices such as choosing a profession. Likewise, it can also be helpful to visualize taking a journey to the future in order to solidify plans and intentions (Ruysschaert, 2009). The literature recommended a regular practice of visiting the inner world of our selves. Prompts for group members to choose to engage in these activities will be provided (Appendix B).
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