Strengths And Disadvantages Of Political System In The Philippines

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In a democratic political system the leaders are appointed by the qualified citizens. They are given the right to vote on representatives, political, communal, and economical issues for their country. This lets the citizens be part of the decision making of the country. The strengths that a democratic political system is fortifying the interest of the citizens; it exposes and gives the citizens the chance to vote for their leaders that would help the growth and development of the country. Having a democratic political system also promotes equal rights to all citizens, because it allows each individual to enjoy the right to vote. This also helps the people to be good citizens. This is because it helps individual learn the responsibilities and duties of being a citizen of their country. With a democratic political system it also promotes change. This lets the people be involved in the decision making for the betterment of the country. The weakness that a democratic political system has is misusing time and waste of resources. Since in a democratic political system it allows all qualified citizens to vote, this costs a lot of money especially during election. Another weakness that a democratic political system has is having the wrong choice. Not all individual under the democratic country are mindful of the social problems and political problems that their country is facing. Why does the United States of America have a good democratic political system and the Philippines
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