Hemingway Limitations

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No author exists who is completely satisfactory in every Way. Every author has his faults and limitations. Different critics may point out different points of limitations. In our discussion of Hemingway we cannot escape such a reading. Though he was a master and generally considered a genuine in the field of literary art, he has also faults and limitations. He was a writer who was pleased but was not free from elements that exasperated his readers. Some of the elements that aroused such feelings are his occasional snugness and sometimes over assertive masculinity and by his alternate shifting from sentimentality to toughness. His work is also marked by an obsessive concern with violence and cruelty and a fascination for war and death. The irritating element was that he hardly used them to achieve catharsis of any kind but he seemed rather to be using these elements for some kind of sadistic satisfaction. Hemingway was…show more content…
By that I meant that the cumulative effect was impressive, as the events themselves would be. It is like reading a news, paper, day by day, about some matter of absorbing interest-say the reports of a divorce, murder, or libel action. If you say anyone could write it, you are mistaken because, to obtain that smooth effect, of commonplace reality, there must be no sentimental or other heightening, the number of words expended must be proportionate to the importance and the length of respective phases of the action, and any false move or overstatement would at once stand out and tell against it. If an inferior reporter to Hemingway took up the pen, that fact would at once be detected by a person sensitive to reality. It is an art, then, from this standpoint, like the cinema, or like those modernist still-life pictures in which, in place of painting a match box upon the canvas, a piece of actual match box is stuck on. Hemingway is a poster-art, or a cinema in
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