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The book Storm of the Century by Stephen King there is a small town in Maine called Little Tall Island. A gigantic hurricane comes with a bitter cold. All the townsfolk are preparing by visiting the grocery store of our main character Mike Anderson. While everyone is preparing for the “Storm of the Century” Martha Claridon is sitting at home watching the weather channel when someone knocks on the door. Martha opens the door to be brutally murdered by a cane with a wolf’s head at the top. The murder, Linoge then sits in her chair to continue watching the news. A boy walks into the home after playing basketball to discover the body and goes running screaming “Mrs. Claridon has been murdered and the murderer is still in her house.” Soon all the town knows of the murder and the man responsible. This mans name is Linoge, he posses inhuman powers and brings fear to the whole town. Soon the whole town has a nightmare, a nightmare of where…show more content…
To start off with some strengths I thought the overall idea/premise was great. With the storm comes a murderer. This made for more of a Horror Novel Setting. With a happy July setting leads to more relaxation of the characters were a winter hurricane leads to a lot of tension with or without a murderer. I also loved how they made Lioge sound like a child creeper. One of Linoge’s first scenes in the book he is singing little tea cup. This also adds to the Horror effect of the Novel. What I didn't like about the book is the writing style. Another thing I love about the book is the setting. With a small town everyone knows everyone. For example, if this were to take place in New York city and someone were to be murdered, not many people would really know the person and crime is usual in New York. But with a small, quete Maine town you would know everyone. If a murder were to happen, people would not know what to think because there is little crime

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