Becoming A Psychologist

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Psychologist: A psychologist is a trained professional who is a specialist in psychology. This is a therapist which studies mental processes and human behaviour by observing and recording how people relate to one another. To perform this psychologists, look for patterns that help them acknowledge and estimate behaviour such as the actions of the patient. This can suggest how he/she is feeling. A psychologist can either work independently or work as a part of a health care team, social workers such as a medical social worker and other specialists in order to diagnose illnesses such as anxiety and depression. The goal of a psychologist is to assist patients to overcome or to encourage them to defeat their problems using psychological techniques…show more content…
Psychologist’s usually check e-mails and sees patients throughout the day. A psychologist comes across patients with various backgrounds and difficulties and will be required to listen and diagnose a client by the information that is given. Notes should be taken whilst the client is expressing his/her emotions or when an important subject is being discussed. By this, a psychologist is more aware of the situation the patient is dealing with and allows them to summarise the situation in their own words .Another way of assessing an individuals’ difficulty is by different using techniques such interviewing. If the client is going through a hard time dealing with situations, a psychologist can provide patients with counselling to support the patient in attaining a more constructive personal, educational development. A psychologist will work with individuals, couples and families in order to make desired changes to actions. They can also supply therapeutic and treatment strategy’s based on patient’s interests and abilities of the patient. Psychologists see a variation of clients ranging from grownups to children. The psychologist will be faced with challenging disorders such as bipolar disorders, schizophrenia. They gather information and evaluate the behaviour of the client through experiments. Most clients would be those who had suffered from long term conditions. By going to a psychologist they are able to express their feelings to someone who is trained to give advice. This is also a therapeutic way of dealing with situations that you can no longer keep within or deal with alone. A patient may go to a psychologist to seek advice that was not provided from those around them. This prevents patients from getting illnesses such as depression. Clients may talk about a situation that might be traumatiasing. A patient may also talk
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