SWOT Analysis Of Oxycon

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SWOT analysis is an effective and strategic planning tool that will help our business understand the context in which it operates.
SWOT analysis is mnemonic for the four words: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
Strengths and weaknesses refer to the internal factors of our business, this means that they are within the control of the business. They may refer to properties of marketing, manufacturing, finance or organisation. While opportunities and threats refer to factors external to our business. This means that opportunities and threats are outside the control of the business. These factors may include the environment, the economic state, social changes or technological advances. Oxycons’ goals of sustainability and environmental design will be central to our business strategy. Oxycon will launch a new innovative sustainability plan to take the company through the forthcoming years.
Oxycon will also use SWOT analysis to help it achieve our objective and focus on key issues. Oxycon will use SWOT to continually create opportunities and oppose threats by making the utmost of our strengths and addressing our weaknesses
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Being sustainable is a central part of Oxycons’ image.

Oxycon must acknowledge its weaknesses so that they can improve and manage them. Acknowledging weaknesses plays a key role in helping it set our objectives and develop new strategies.
• The size and scale of the business: This could make it hard to control standards and quality. Oxycon is not personally producing the billboards which means Oxycon do not implement the legislation to control working conditions, as well as it will be harder to control the standards and quality of the billboards produced. This could represent a weak link in Oxycons’ supply chain, affecting consumer views of Oxycons’ products. This can be managed by training and inspectors visiting the factories to make sure that suppliers meet their requirements.
• The demand for low cost products: This needs to be weighed against producing good quality and the health and sustainability benefits that come with the billboards.
Oxycon will need to communicate well with its consumers and stakeholders with regard to its environmental benefits and activities.
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Oxycon will address these issues in many ways and do their best to manage weaknesses and threats to create a positive outcome.
• Social trends: Not everyone is aware of what sustainability is or even the effects of global warming. Oxycon is building online help guides to inform and encourage customers to a more sustainable life. Our online website supports customers with tips and ideas to reduce their impact on the environment. This will also save them money. Staff are trained on sustainability, both on what Oxycon is doing and how they can take responsibility to become sustainable for themselves and be able to lower prices. This puts up high barriers of entry for smaller companies entering the market.
• Market forces: Oxycon is not yet large is enough to enjoy economies of scale. This lowers average costs in the long run through, for example, better use of technology or employing specialized managers. Economies of scale also give a business a competitive edge if cost savings are then passed on to customers in the form of lower
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